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Adults and children can enjoy the museum and explore miniature-related subjects by participating in a variety of programs that are conducted throughout the year. Museum volunteers are also available to serve as guest speakers at local clubs and meetings. New programs are added to this section of the website as they become available. For additional information, please contact the museum at

Beginning 2015, the Museum began hosting a series of encounters on Wednesday afternoons. These have been popular and will be continued through fall of 2015. The time has changed to every other Wednesday at 12 p.m. Bring your lunch and come celebrate both craftsmanship and creativity during your lunch hour here at the Museum. The encounters are meant for people of all ages and will feature violists and other musicians, storytellers, oral historians, singers and songwriters.

The Museum will also hold story-writing opportunities. Visitors are invited to write stories inspired by anything within the Museum. These can be literal or fantastical, realistic or metaphorical. Other days will feature the creation of visual art works, also inspired by museum exhibits. Both stories and artwork will be posted on the Museum’s web page and on its Facebook page.