Continuing Exhibits

thorne room

The Thorne Room
The museum is fortunate to possess an example of the works designed by Mrs. James Ward Thorne. Mrs. Thorne designed ninety-seven miniature rooms to serve as studies of the history of decorative arts, and she possessed an exacting style which resulted in rooms that were correct down to the smallest detail. Sixty eight of Mrs. Thorne’s rooms are on exhibit today at Art Institute of Chicago, and a few other rooms are on exhibit at locations throughout the United States.


california contemporary

A California Contemporary House
Interior decorator Bernice “Bonny” Wolf has given the Museum a completely landscaped contemporary home replete with a swimming pool, rooftop lounge, tiny oriental garden, and a few hidden surprises.



1861 house

1861 Russell House

A 150 year old doll house made by Thomas Russell, a native of England for his niece, the house is replete with original lace curtains and a poetic letter created by the builder. Mr. Russell hoped this “baby house” would be taken care of and generate kind thoughts of him through the years. This house is on loan to the museum through the generosity of a long-time museum supporter.


the tropic

The Tropic

Diana Dayton Dalton, wife of Standard Oil of Indiana executive Howard Dalton, and mother of three children, lived all over the world. Formally trained in decorating by the Parson’s School of Design, Mrs. Dalton elegantly furnished homes in each location, and then applied her skills to create exquisite miniatures reflecting the times they represent; from the stately English manor house to the modern Florida home. This home is a beautiful example of Mrs. Dalton’s painstaking attention to detail and superb decorating skills.


san francisco 1/2

San Francisco Victorian in 1/2" scale
San Francisco Victorian in ½” Scale. Museum co-founder Suzie Moffett created this home from a Real Good Toys dollhouse kit. Mrs. Moffett handmade the rugs and curtains, and the figure “Mrs. Peterman” was made by doll artist Toni Smith.

victorias choice

Victoria's Choice

Depicting a circa 1881 home, this house was Mrs. Landshof’s first miniature project!  Construction began in 1981, and the house itself took nearly 5 years to complete.  The house is not glued nor nailed together, rather assembled as intended by the manufacturer with walls and other pieces fitting into a series of track and slides.  Eighteen pieces of furniture were made by Mrs. Landshof.  Her husband made the working shutters and also installed the electrical work.